Bridget O. Davis

Activist – Lover of People

It Doesn’t Matter Where Your Life Begins,
What Matters Is Where You Take It.

Bridget O. Davis : Grew up in Harlem in Drew Hamilton Projects and beat the odds that statistics validated for failure. Losing many of her friends to street violence, she became a Registered Nurse, with a passion to save lives. She is the Founder of “The Brown Girl Book Club”, a published author, of 3 books. Davis, founded The Pocono Mountains Film Festival when she could not find a place to pitch her screenplay that she had written for one of her books.

While creating this innovative showcase, she was able to secure the talents of Billy Dee Williams and Actor Jack Palance to open her independent film, “Henry’s Heart”. For a woman that grew up in the projects of Harlem after the Vietnam War, this was a major accomplishment. After losing her Mom to breast cancer at a young age, Davis vowed to live every day of her life for her mother.

Davis’ goals are to share indie films and screenplays from little-known directors, filmmakers, actors, writers to well known, and established industry professionals. The objective is to provide a venue for people from all walks of life an opportunity to network and present their works to a larger audience. “My favorite part of the festival is during the Awards Dinner Ceremony when the winner’s names are called, and seeing their reaction.” Davis, believes it doesn’t matter where your life begins, what matters is where you take it.

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